Molesey Hurst ©John Inglis

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Hurst Park No-Fishing Zone

Hurst Park Map

The No-Fishing zone at Hurst Park ( marked above with red) was established after agreement between local angling groups, the Environment Agency, Elmbridge Borough Council and wildlife wardens. Its purpose is to reduce the number of injuries to river birds caused by fishing tackle, especially discarded hooks and monofilament line. In the past these injuries have often been fatal and can lead to slow and lingering deaths.

The injuries to birds which require treatment by specialized vets have reduced enormously since this "no-fishing" zone was established.

We know the problem only occurs with a few, mostly inexperienced, anglers but the Friends of Hurst Park ask all anglers to please observe the no-fishing area to help protect all wildlife in the park. The zone starts at the Hampton Ferry landing and stretches for 400 meters downstream (eastwards) past Garrick's Ait. It is indicated by signs along the route and the map above appears on all three public Noticeboards in the park.

The most popular fishing area starts at the Ferry Landing and extends upstream (westwards) past the island of Platt's Eyot and beyond.

Unfortunately the Environment Agency signs which indicate the "no-fishing" area are routinely vandalized and sometimes thrown into the river (see images on left). The EA has told us the signs will be replaced yet again. We ask users of the park to be vigilant and draw the "no-fishing" zone to the attention of any anglers who are inadvertently fishing there.